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By Bood; by WHO?

Whenever possible, he sails competitions from Finnjol to VA Lemsteraak. The experiences gained provide the much needed insight into the desired sailing characteristics of a good sailing ship.



After his technical education in 1983, Klaas chooses to make his hobby his profession. Woodworks, repairs, and restorations of wooden and polyester sailing yachts were his first projects. In 1985 he successfully builds his first wood / epoxy sailing yacht. With a team of yacht builders, many one-off yachts followed and were built to designs by a number of renowned yacht architects.
All these designers brought their own specific knowledge, which brought insight into the secrets of perfect lines, and the right proportions for a beautiful design.
For the past 10 years, Klaas has been working as an independent entrepreneur on advice and expertise, and has realized various refit projects. As a new construction project, he has developed the Ranger 9.9, among other things. This beautiful classic lined ship, with modern sailing characteristics, was nominated as European Boat of the Year. After having built a number of them, the molds were sold a few years ago to the Saffier yard, who modified it to their own model.


The ideas for new ships continued to “bubble up” ………… and paper seems very willing. The first lines for the DAY.M8 were laid out on the kitchen table. As father of five adult children, he had access to the most modern expertise concerning the digitization of his ideas. For example, the “kitchen table drawings” were digitized and the foundation was laid for this project with the whole family.
The plugs and molds are manufactured in-house, in which all knowledge of 30 years of yacht building has been used.
In short; with the DAY.M8 he wanted to make the waterway even more beautiful.
Judge for yourself whether this was successful…