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Completely silent, you calmly move over the lake, searching for a small ripple gliding over the water. The sails slowly find their way up, so easy any man, woman or child would succeed. With a light breeze the ship picks up speed and the sharp stem glides into a memorable day. A day that will last well into the evening, a daysailer for the day after that… and another one …

For the discerning sailor, speed alone is not enough. After all, sailing pleasure applies not only under but also without a sail. Meeting both demands, means focusing on both and yet choosing consciously. DAY.M8 offers that focus and the conscious choices. For instance: electric sailing, uncomplicated rigging and a separate cooking tool. We continue with a long and comfortable cockpit and a remarkably long sun deck. Even though you can find four adult sleeping places of two meters each, DAY.M8 also focuses on being outside. Relaxing on the sun deck and possibly cook or barbecue with the Cobb. This way a beautiful sailing day ends as nicely as it started.
The choices made on DAY.M8 prove to be functional tools for experiencing a wonderful day of sailing, one that goes beyond sailing alone. DAY.M8 offers the total picture that fits modern sailing and more.

Ingredients & Tools

  • A steep prow for a stretched hull with a sharp waterline
  • Hull constructed of uncomplicated fiberglass-reinforced full laminate
  • Draft of only 1.15 meters
  • Uncomplicated fractional 9/10 rigging with tacking jib and possibly a gennaker
  • Electrical propulsion combined with a lithium-ion battery
  • Four sleeping places of two meters each