• Okt 2018

    New interior options

    Meanwhile, we have also developed two new interior versions:
    Version 1: on both sides two cabinets from deck to deck, using the port side for storage and the starboard side for a Nespresso coffee machine.
    Version 2: idem, also a fixed cooker, and a sink.
    Furthermore, in all interior variants it is possible to place a retractable toilet under the cabin entrance.
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  • Jul 2018


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    Source: ANWB Waterkampioen 2018

  • Jul 2018


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    Source: zeilen nr-7 2018

  • Jul 2018

    Zilt magazine

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  • apr 2018

    First time DAY.M8 hits the water

    The DAY.M8 has now been launched, and has experienced its first sailing trips. She sails above expectations, really fantastic !! From now on it is possible to schedule appointments for sea trials. If you are interested in a trial run, please contact us via the contact form. In April, a number of editors of water sports magazines will also sail with us.

  • Jan 2017

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  • Dec 2016

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  • Dec 2016

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  • Okt 2016

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